Hi there and welcome to the inaugural post of re-formulated.com. If you’ve already read my About page, then you know that I am a math geek that recently go into real estate investing as a path towards financial freedom. Until I achieve that freedom, I will keep my personal details close to the chest. With that being said I do want to share with you the journey I’ve taken to get where I am so far. First a little bit about me and my motivation to for getting into real estate investing

About Me:

About a year ago, I woke up one day and realized how miserable I was. I work on Wall St. and spend about 70 hours a week in the office. I used to love it. I wore the punishment I took as a badge of honor. Slowly, it started to wear on me. Health problems started creeping up way too early in life, largely due to the stress. What started as the typical Sunday Scaries and eventually grew into a daily morning panic attack.

I started asking big existential questions about what I wanted in life, if I really could take another 30 years of watching my life pass me by through the office window, and whether the money that comes with working so much was really worth it. The answers I discovered were freedom, fuck no, and nope. I had always dreamed of retiring early but I imagined that I would achieve it by becoming a hedge fund manager and then walking away after I made my first $10 million. After the hubris of youth wore off, I realized that I was competing against Harvard MBAs and MIT PhD’s for the jobs I wanted. All the while I saw large chunks of the job market I was in being automated away. The thought of mediocrity started setting in and my hair started falling out!

</Depressing aside>

About the Blog:

My goal for this blog is to share in my journey as I experience it. I hope that the information here will help new and aspiring real estate investors shortcut the education process without getting suckered into a guru program where you drop upwards of $50k on seminars and weekend boot camps.

Specifically I want to cover the following:

  • How to get started
  • Understanding the numbers, not just how to calculate them but what they really mean
  • Cutting through the overwhelming amount of information available in order to get to the stuff that matters
  • Discuss what, are in my opinion, topics that are underrepresented in REI Books and the bloggosphere

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